Ask Ann: Journaling for 'Uptight' Folks

Ask Ann: Journaling for 'Uptight' Folks

Lisa: Hey guys. I’m looking for a good journal. I’m new to this and I’d like some help. People call me uptight. I like to use pencils, and I want to journal as a form of self-soothing therapy. I don't mind paying more, but I want to be sure that the book i ultimately choose helps me achieve my goal in being soothed. Many have recommended the Archer & Olive brand. I noticed you carry them, but you also carry other brands. I am wondering if you might be able to have a better insight?

Ann: Journals are designed to soothe, but brilliant Lisa has been quick to realise they aren’t built in a one-size-fits-all format. There are literally thousands and thousands of journals out there, for thousands and thousands of personality types, and we only represent a speck of them! 

Here at Revel, we divide our journals into two groups.

  1. Guided/Prompt Journals They are more of a maintenance tool after you have cleansed your mind through the therapy of writing. Guided journals help you stay on track with your mental health goals - with routine check-ins with your feelings and emotions.

  2. Free-form Journals Bullet journaling, art journaling, long-form writing, poetry, really, just about anything that doesn’t restrict your expression. We strongly recommend this as a starting point for people who are working through trauma or have the time to truly explore their wellbeing through expression. 

Archer & Olive is great with their 160gsm paperweight, but if you are a pencil, or even pen user, almost any other maker would suit your requirements just fine. 

Aside from the paperweight, you might want to consider other aspects of writing. Ideally, you’d want a notebook that lays flat when opened. You might want ribbon bookmarks so you don’t lose your page. Some like to have an in-built pen-holder. Then there’s the preference of binding type. Spirals are great for many reasons, but they might not be practical if you’d like to carry your notebook in a bag, as they take up more space. Similarly there’s the question of size. A5 is the traditional size, but we do have people who prefer smaller or larger books. 

Our notebooks that double up as awesome freeform journals come in many colours - we have beige, white, black, and even kraft.

There’s also the concern on whether you prefer ruled, dotted, grid or blank pages. 

P.s.: In case you’re wondering, Lisa has been dutifully journaling for some weeks now, and she’s loving it!